Women's Empowerment


After years of dedicated works organization has bagged the prized project of Gender Resource Centre which is contributing immensely in bringing holistic development in the urban slums. The roles of The Credence as The GRC are:

• To act as a catalyst for making Delhi safe for women through social legal and economic empowerment
• To improve Health of women
• To impart skill for specific trades and to provide forward and backward linkages enabling women to be a part of productive work force obtain good remuneration.
• To provide facilities with linkages for school drop outs to return to mainstream and to provide non formal functional literacy.
• To establish a mechanism for linking existing government schemes for women and to enable women to access it better.
• To raise awareness on issue of community development relevance and provide legal literacy about women rights.
• To set up a documentation centre which will act as a clearinghouse for information of women and will work towards a system of affiliation of the organization working on the same issue.

The objectives that The Credence is striving to achieve are:

a) Social Empowerment- The centre acts as a facilitator and provides awareness for better implementation of the GOI schemes and to reduce the gap between the beneficiaries and the service provider.

b) Economic Empowerment- The Centre identify and provide training inconventional and non-conventional trades specifically through creation of Self Help Groups.To provide forward and backward linkages with banks, financial institutions, agencies offering loan both in Delhi and Central Government such as SJSRY.

c) Health- The Centre organizes general Health check-up at regular intervals for check-up and issuance of referrals. The centre also promotes sex education to adolescent in order to ameliorate morbidity in STD, RTI and AIDS cases.

d) Education- The Centres promotes education among girl child to reduce dropouts through linkages with open school and take up Adult literacy.

e) The Centres liaise with NGOs of the area, with lawyers, doctors and councillors to promote reporting of cases of violence and other crimes against women in the community and also to activate re-conciliation proceedings.


“The Credence” undertook special efforts to motivate people particularly from socioeconomically weaker sections and those living in slums for self-employment. It disseminated information and awareness about the various schemes launched by government for this purpose.