About Us

“The Credence” registered in 2002 is an all India Character organization, dedicated to imparting knowledge, skills and awareness amongst the poorest strata of the society with emphasis on employment generation, looking after destitute, empowering women, water harvesting, preventing AIDS and other health hazards, drug de-addiction, awareness about environment, hygiene & providing support to homeless.


The organization has a General Assembly consisting of founding members and other members who have joined the association after its establishment to oversee and deal with all policy issues. It has also a managing board of seven members to decide on major administrative matters and oversee major developments and guide its operations. There is a management committee consisting department heads and chaired by General Secretary to deal and execute day-to-day administrative and managerial matters.

The General Secretary, responsible to the Board of directors, is entrusted with the main task of overseeing and implementing decisions passed by the General Body and Board of Directors. He also manages the day-to-day activities and operations of the organization. The organization has four major departments, namely Administration, Finance, Program and Public Relations departments, and each department has also three to five sections.


To see a healthy, gender balanced, prosperous and productive society that lives in a conducive and supportive environment.


The organization envisions to provide the skill & knowledge to the under privilege Strata of the society so that they can recognize and use the resources around them for their holistic empowerment.

General Objective

To identify, tap and optimally harness the potential of the under-privileged classes of the society in such a way as to strike a judicious balance between their own quality of life as well as towards their meaningful contribution to the society/nation.