Vocational Training

Computer Coaching

Organization provided computer coaching to more than700 adolescents’ girls & boys of the south Delhi area.
The training was provided by trained professionals and most of the priority stakeholders have found jobs and are contributing to the welfare of their family and society as a whole.

Knitting and stitching

Organization is providing tailoring skills to the girls and women of South Delhi slums who either open their shop with the contribution of SHGs formed by the organization or impart their skills to other needy in their locality.

English coaching centre: Written and Verbal

In this globalized economy, the knowledge of English is pivotal for the development of an individual.

Taking this into consideration organization started providing English Coaching to the interested candidates in 2008. The knowledge of both verbal and spoken is being provided to the primary stakeholders and most of them have achieved commendable success in their respective fields with the support of English.