Women’s Empowerment

Gender Resource Centre

GRCAlso known as Samajik Suvidha Sangam Kendra, Gender Resource Centre (GRC) is a pilot project of Delhi Government, essentially formed to take care of all dimensions related to women empowerment in a holistic manner, and are envisaged as instrument to bring social, economic, and legal empowerment of women particularly those belonging to the under privileged sections of society. Under this project, The Credence serves as a GRC and is entrusted with the responsibility to function as the single window and clearance centre for all the 47 welfare schemes of the Delhi Government and several others of the Central Government.

The roles of The Credence as a GRC are:

  1. To act as a catalyst for making Delhi safe for women through social, legal and economic empowerment
  2. To improve health of women
  3. To impart skill for specific trades and to provide forward and backward linkages enabling women to be a part of productive work force obtain good remuneration
  4. To provide facilities with linkages for school drop outs to return to mainstream and to provide non formal functional literacy
  5. To establish a mechanism for linking existing government schemes for women and to enable women to access it better
  6. To raise awareness on issue of community development relevance and provide legal literacy about women rights
  7. To set up a documentation centre which will act as a clearing house for information of women and will work towards a system of affiliation of the organisation working on the same issue

Many women are benefiting from the services and support provided by the organisation serving as a Gender Resource Centre. This includes receiving training in tailoring work and beauty care for enhancing their chances of finding employment to support themselves and their families.


Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

SHGAs another way of empowering women, the organisation encourages and supports the formation of self-help groups among women belonging to the urban slums of Delhi. Being part of self-help groups provides social and emotional supports to women members through sharing their problems and challenges with each, and also gives them access to financial resources for starting their own businesses, etc.

The Credence till now has formed more than 12 SHGs which is progressively working towards empowerment of women.