Health Care



Health Facility to Urban Slum Population

The Credence in collaboration Max Health Care and other such generous service providers has been providing health facilities to the people residing in the slums of Dr. Ambedkar Nagar and R.K. Puram.

Health check-up camps are organised regularly such as on a monthly basis with special attention being given to persons suffering from chronic illnesses. Until now more than 8000 persons have benefited from the health and medical services offered.


Drug Awareness Camps

pic1The Credence has organised drug awareness camps in slum areas and locales inhabited by socially and financially disadvantaged strata not only for disseminating awareness about the harmful effects of arising from the use of dugs but also to spread knowledge about methods for de-addiction. The drug awareness camps are one of the basic components of the organisation’s role in community development. The awareness camps motivate youth and children to live a positive life and abstain from every kind of drugs, nicotine or alcohol. The awareness camps are a boost for the organisation’s endeavours in the community as it motivates people to dedicate their life for their family’s development rather spends all their money on alcohol and drugs which makes them inefficient to perform according to their capacities.

Twenty-six individuals in Subhash Camp and Sanjay Camp (Dakshinpuri) benefited from the drug de-addiction drive launched by the organisation in 2010-2011.