Vocational Training


The Credence provides vocational training in different areas to the underprivileged youth and women to empower them with skills and confidence for seeking employment that will improve their and their family’s socio-economic condition and well-being. It has been providing training to youth and women belonging to different slums located in Dr. Ambedkar Nagar, Dakshinpuri (Subash Camp and Sanjay Camp), R.K. Puram, and other areas.



Computer Literacy

The Credence has provided computer coaching to more than 700 adolescent girls and boys from South Delhi area. The coaching, provided by trained professionals involved imparting the basic knowledge and skills to the youth participants to make them computer literate.

Many who undertook the computer training benefited greatly from it. They have found jobs and are contributing to the welfare of their family.


Knitting and Stitching

Currently, The Credence is providing tailoring skills to the girls and women of South Delhi slums. Young girls and women who have received such training have gone on to either open their tailoring shop with the contribution of self-help groups (SHGs) formed by the organisation or engaged in passing on their skills to other needy people through training them.


Teaching English

Living in the present times of a globalised economy, the ability to converse in the English language is pivotal for the development of a person on all fronts of her or his life. Taking this into consideration, in 2008 The Credence started providing coaching in English language to those interested. Candidates are coached in both conversational as well as written English. With the support of English, many are achieving commendable success in their respective fields.